Home and commercial intergration can have several definitions. At Grun Internacional our engineers consult with the client and design systems that can simplify life, save energy, simplify the control of your complex electronics, or any combination of these. Automation is classified in two major catagories.

1st is classic automation. The ability to simplify control by sending multiple commands to one or many devices from a single user interaction typically a button press

2nd is smart home technology. Or the ability of a system either residential or commercial to activate routines, commands, based on the normal activity of the user. Simply walking into a room at a specific time of day, changing lighting, temperature, audio and video gear interaction that can be designed to look at environmental conditions to simulate an artificial intelligence in your home, office, hotel, etc.













Home Automation

"This is simply a professionally installed system that integrates the control of security, HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) or lighting systems to enhance safety, comfort and convenience."

By Ogunleye George




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