Grun Power Factor residential and commercial units are fully certified, including RoHS, UL, and are Nema 3R certfied for external use
Every unit is tested for quality control and uses only the finenst components available.
With a 5 year warranty, and a built quality that allows us to offer a lighting strike warranty, the products are built to last.
Besides the phenomenal power savings potential, our units offer over 2000 joules of surge protection and extend the life of motors, pumps, power supplies, transformers and more. By stopping the surplus energy from reaching your equipment we allow for cooler more consistent operation.
Have you ever seen the lights in your house dim or brighten on there own?
Have you ever grabbed your cell phone charger or laptop power supply and been surprized at how hot it is?
Think about it there are no moving parts no friction....Why is it hot?















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